26 December 2010


this is super late but i'm finally getting a chance to just sit down and not do anything! translation: blog. it's been madness this past month. the passion pit + alt/air concert was on dec 12, and i am only now able to write about it. i had to go through such an ordeal to go to the concert, and it was so worth all the effort! it was originally supposed to be held on dec 11, and i was so happy because i was already off that day. then they changed the date on us ($&#*!) and i found out i was working that day and i felt the world collapsing around me. thankfully i found someone to switch with me literally 4 days before the concert so i could go!!! and thanks to mk for reserving me a spot on the guest list, that way i could use my tickets for my friends to go. everything fell into place and we all had an amazing time. passion pit and alt/air were crazy good...wanted to hear "cuddle fuddle" but that's okay, at least they performed "sleepy head." picked up the alt/air ep that night, and the recording sounds so amazing! very professional and high quality. great job, dean! and of course to the charismatic and talented alt/air duo..

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