26 December 2010

birthday/christmas brunch

after all of this holiday madness, my family and i finally got to celebrate my birthday at the hawaii prince court buffet today. unfortunately i was hungover so i couldn't enjoy it as much as i normally would (ie didn't eat my usual 20 crab legs) dammit! i will never again drink the night before i know i'm going to a buffet. despite being hungover, i had a good time. had one of the best omelettes in a while and got to watch my family stuff their faces. my brother might need a triple bypass after all the bacon he ate and i liked watching my dad help himself to seconds of pho and almond tofu. he's a finnicky eater so it's always fun seeing him eat a lot. we just had to check his pockets for silverware before we left, but otherwise it was all good.

his second bowl

you will not understand the amount of time it took to get the following photographs of my brother and i. oh. my. gosh. my parents are going senile and have forgotten how to use a point and shoot. i think it took about 20 min but my brother and i were determined to get the pics. at one point my mom told us to take pics of each other because she didn't believe that our photog skills were better than her photog skills.
taken by my brother (ordered by my mom)
after 20 min, she finally gets the camera to work but gets this shot instead

it would've been funny to post outtakes but frankly there were hardly any outtakes to post. neither parent was capable of pressing down on the shutter long enough, so nothing would show up. over and over. they kept saying, "okay i took it," and, "did i take it?" and nothing would appear. you cannot write this shit. we were so unbelievably frustrated but it was hilarious at the same time. parents, i tell you.

checkin himself out

happy holidays!

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