07 November 2010


before i leave on my trip tomorrow, thought i'd give a shhhout out to the folks over at dept of public works. Their upcoming art "shhhow" will be held at a secret location, with a single clue being given every day leading up to it. today makes the seventh day of clues, so get on it, folks! btw that map on clue #28 (day 3) was sooo my old stomping grounds, recognized it in half a second. 

check out the shhhow's website at: http://theshhhow.tumblr.com

04 November 2010

my man ZG

hilarious sketch with zach galifianakis on late night with jimmy fallon. cracks me up!!! i love ZG, he makes anything more fun to watch. i can't wait till he hosts SNL again, that shit was too funny the first time!

01 November 2010

hi tiger

my current favorite song: "teach me tiger" by april stevens (1959). came across this song while searching for hotels in nyc, and this song was playing in the background of podhotelnyc's website. immediately googled it, then purchased the song in itunes. tried looking for live videos to post but could only find slideshows like the one above. that'll have to do i guess. love it when i can find great oldies...b/c they're new and fresh to me!