17 January 2011

a wise man once said...

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

15 January 2011


Moon (2009), is a pretty implausible yet mind-bending indie sci-fi flick that has been collecting dust on my shelf for over a year. finally got around to watching it last week. Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut named Sam Bell on a 3-year contract to harvest the moon's energy (this obviously takes place in the future) for the earth. his sole companion is a robot named Gerty, voiced by Kevin Spacey, whose multi-faceted talents kind of reminded me of Rosey from the Jetsons -- minus the apron of course. Sam's term is nearing its end, and as he starts preparing to go home to his wife and young daughter, things start going awry...

i thought this film was well-made, sam rockwell was great, but the story was a bit lacking. the premise in itself was problematic - do they really send up astronauts by themselves without a crew? what if something were to go wrong? and what astronaut would be dumb enough to take an assignment where you'd be on the moon harvesting energy by yourself for three years? it just seems highly unlikely that this situation would ever occur. what i love about the sci-fi movie genre is when the writer/director is able to create a world that does/may not exist in reality, but totally work in the film and engross you and make you forget about your own mundane life for a couple hours. Moon was thought-provoking in its own way, but it also raised too many questions that distracted me from enjoying the film as much as I could have.

that being said, i still think it's worth watching. a definite visual delight. watch it on blu-ray if you can, the lunar surface scenes are pretty killer in high def. i also enjoyed watching the special features.

10 January 2011

Jim Carrey as the Black Swan

i am soooooooo happy i dvr'ed this past saturday's SNL!!!! never going to erase this. i'm getting nostalgic of his "in living color" and ace ventura days...

07 January 2011