08 May 2011

Foodgasm: Coffee & Waffles

It's been almost three years since I last came to Korea. One of my faaaavorite things to do here is to go to as many coffee shops as humanly possible, since there are so many. A popular feature lately seems to be "coffee & waffles." Seoulites seem to be crazy about waffles. Waffles of all shapes, sizes, flavors are popping up everywhere - they even have huge assortments at your local Family Mart (convenience store like 7-11). The BEST waffle I've had in my LIFE was at Cafe 7 Gram. It was so light and fluffy, but slightly crunchy too...I can't explain how perfect the texture was. It had just the right amount of sweetness. The whipped cream tasted fresh and the strawberries were sweet and juicy. Contrary to American waffles I've had, I didn't feel 5 lbs heavier and gross after eating it. I usually can't finish an entire waffle in America - I can only eat half...but I practically ate the whole waffle at 7 Gram by myself and found myself wanting more!

Don't you want one now???

Their cappuccino was delicious too! They've captured my heart.

01 May 2011

yay for may

resilience was the word for april. relieved that i came out in one piece, and i'm thrilled to begin a new month full of adventure and promise. cheers.

26 April 2011

a reason to visit LA

Mohawk General Store. i want to go there like, yesterday. saw this store in the April issue of Dwell. peep their writeups on
Dwell.com and Apartment Therapy.

oh, and their own website is at: www.mohawkgeneralstore.net