18 May 2010

watch watch

i dig Rolexes, having inherited my mom's 1985 ladies datejust a while back. as i was browsing through Rolex's website, i came across the Rolex Datejust Royal Pink.   

at first glance, i thought it was ugly. really ugly. but it's kind of growing on me. never in my wildest dreams would i have expected a watch like this from Rolex. it's diamond -encrusted with "everose" gold, amongst other things. pretty nuts! 


it's interesting how one comes across something new - whether it be a new hobby, burger joint, or in my case, a new tv show. i watch way too much tv than i'd like to admit, but i'm hardly ever turned on to some new tv program because let's face it, i got too much on my plate already. flipping between an episode of "Bones" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" can be tiresome when I'm trying to catch "Divine Design" on HGTV or the new "Ultimate Fighter" on Spike. but wait -"Ultimate Fighter" is on the same night as "Top Chef." crikey! you get the gist of my (pathetic) dilemmas.

but I digress. i was walking through the apple store one april day, wanting to check out the new iPad. a friendly worker there was showing me some of his favorite apps, which included the ABC player. he started telling me about how cool it was because you can catch up on full episodes on the ABC network. I politely told him that i don't watch anything on ABC because i'm just too cool for school. no, I didn't say that. but really, i don't watch anything on ABC. not even "Dancing With the Stars" (although i think i should because evan lysacek is on it). he seemed to be flabbergasted that i didn't watch "Modern Family." i'd never even heard of it. his face and eyes lit up as he excitedly explained how "awesome" it was. 

fast forward a month and a half. i was lying around the other night, bored and not knowing what to do with myself. picking my nose. picked up my iPad and downloaded the ABC player. browsing through the shows, i figured "Modern Family" was my best bet, considering i would only lose 22 minutes of my life if it sucked. i watched one episode, and then another, and then another, until i was cursing ABC for only having five episodes on there. wtf is up with that? i think it started on episode 18 or something, and i was suddenly depressed that i had missed the previous 17 episodes. "Modern Family," where have you been all my life? i can't remember the last time i LOLed that loud to a tv show. the dialogue is so witty, the characters are zany, and the little nuances of everything that happens is so clever. i also love how it's shot semi-documentary style, which gives it a sense of realness within the chaos which is the show. 

so after this long-winded essay on how i came across this show, i'd like to thank the apple store for hiring that apple guy that sold me my iPad and showed me the ABC player to enjoy such a fantabulawesome show such as "Modern Family." oh, and thanks for making the iPad. because if it weren't for that, i wouldn't have wandered into the store that one april day.