28 February 2011


my girl's new collection, "Island Girl in the City" is up for viewing/purchasing. I believe there are more pieces to come so keep checking back for updates on www.ginger13.com. JUST in case you aren't familiar with Ginger13, this is going on her sixth year making jewelry, and i must say that i am so proud of her for how far she's come. featured in a bunch of publications (including SMART, Japan's JJ, Honolulu mag's best new artist, etc) and even on www.dailycandy.com at one point - her talent for creating fun, asymmetrical, quirky pieces has been acknowledged and sought after by people from all over the globe. her latest collection was inspired by her four months in new york, where she spent her time honing her jewelry-making skills in fine jewelry classes (and drinking in the splendor of NYC living). super excited for her upcoming fine jewelry collection, btw. what??!! cindy's venturing into the fine jewelry market? watch out folks. but shhh you didn't hear it from me..

07 February 2011

woolly pockets!

image from woollypocket's website
got my woolly pockets in the mail the other day!  woolly pockets are felt planters made of 100% recycled materials. they're breathable and oh so cute. i kind of went crazy during their sale and ordered a bunch...i only ordered their "tina" (smallest size) for now but i definitely want to order some wall hanging ones and even a "lana" or three. "steve" is cute too, there's a zipper closure on that one. i realized that the "tina" is a little too short for some of my orchid pots. i'm going to have to re-pot them straight into the planters. now i have some fashionable, eco-friendly planters to put my orchids in...bought some extra for housewarming gifts too :) 

get yours at www.woollypocket.com

image from woollypocket's website