31 October 2010

happy halloween!

hawaii theatre

was scheduled to work tonight so i wasn't planning on going out, but when i got put on standby, i couldn't resist checking out hallowbaloo @ chinatown (i was dilligently checking my phone every 5 minutes to see if i got called in). this is my third year in a row going to hallowbaloo, and it was a different experience because we got there after the block party was over. plus, we were missing a bunch of the crew. i had fun nonetheless, thanks to good kooky company. only had time to check out a couple spots - nextdoor and 39hotel - the music made me reminisce on my wilder days! thanks to chris and matt for getting us in...

i hope everyone is having a fun and safe halloween weekend. i am still on standby as i write this!

29 October 2010

Blue Valentine

caught four films at the 2010 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), and this was hands down my favorite movie out of the group. of course i wasn't fortunate enough to see The Tempest, which i heard was awesome as well. it's basically about how young, bright-eyed love can ultimately fail several years down the road - a reality check for romantic comedy enthusiasts out there. maybe i'm just jaded but i'm not much of a rom-com gal. this movie was right up my alley and hit home a little too hard. 

but enough about that...i'm already excited to see what's next for first-time director Derek Cianfrance. judging from this film (he also co-wrote it), he must've been burnt BAD. but that's just my opinion.

can't wait for the soundtrack; hoping ryan gosling's song is on it (one of my favorite parts of the film). he kills it on the uke!

28 October 2010

point and shoot!

my trip to NYC is coming up in a couple weeks, and i find myself sans camera. i took a leica d-lux 3 on my last trip (to SF/grand canyon), which i was happy with but didn't get a chance to play around much with the settings. i've been doing a fair amount of research on cameras in the $400-800 price range, and i've narrowed them down to the following:

1. canon powershot s95 $400
2. canon g12 $500
3. leica d-lux 5 $800
4. canon eos rebel T1i $700
5. panasonic lx5 $450

as you can see, there's a pretty good variety of cameras on my list! which goes to show how indecisive i am. i'm leaning towards the s95 for its portability, but i'm wondering if i'm going to regret it and wish i got a better one. worried about the pop-up flash and no viewfinder. will it really matter? the other four are heavier and bigger, definitely can't carry them in a small bag at night. i'm planning on getting the canon 5d mark II later on, so maybe the s95 should suffice for now? aaaaaghh decisions decisions.

04 October 2010

Cloud Cult - There's So Much Energy In Us (Live on KEXP)

my bf sent me this link, and i was absolutely moved by this performance. maybe i was in an emotional mood at the time, but i was brought to tears (~3x) by the beauty of it. the celloist is my favorite to watch. i love live ensemble perfomances - perhaps being in a school band for three years has something to do with it -listening to and seeing how all of the fragments of a song become a whole is to me, the most enjoyable part of it all.

update: i was definitely emotional when i first saw this. watched it again and wasn't moved as much :/