29 October 2010

Blue Valentine

caught four films at the 2010 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), and this was hands down my favorite movie out of the group. of course i wasn't fortunate enough to see The Tempest, which i heard was awesome as well. it's basically about how young, bright-eyed love can ultimately fail several years down the road - a reality check for romantic comedy enthusiasts out there. maybe i'm just jaded but i'm not much of a rom-com gal. this movie was right up my alley and hit home a little too hard. 

but enough about that...i'm already excited to see what's next for first-time director Derek Cianfrance. judging from this film (he also co-wrote it), he must've been burnt BAD. but that's just my opinion.

can't wait for the soundtrack; hoping ryan gosling's song is on it (one of my favorite parts of the film). he kills it on the uke!

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