28 October 2010

point and shoot!

my trip to NYC is coming up in a couple weeks, and i find myself sans camera. i took a leica d-lux 3 on my last trip (to SF/grand canyon), which i was happy with but didn't get a chance to play around much with the settings. i've been doing a fair amount of research on cameras in the $400-800 price range, and i've narrowed them down to the following:

1. canon powershot s95 $400
2. canon g12 $500
3. leica d-lux 5 $800
4. canon eos rebel T1i $700
5. panasonic lx5 $450

as you can see, there's a pretty good variety of cameras on my list! which goes to show how indecisive i am. i'm leaning towards the s95 for its portability, but i'm wondering if i'm going to regret it and wish i got a better one. worried about the pop-up flash and no viewfinder. will it really matter? the other four are heavier and bigger, definitely can't carry them in a small bag at night. i'm planning on getting the canon 5d mark II later on, so maybe the s95 should suffice for now? aaaaaghh decisions decisions.

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