28 December 2010

photoshoot NGs

a couple months ago a friend at the dept of public works needed some help with a photoshoot for their new collabo tee with filtrd...although i wasn't sure i was the right person to help out, i was glad to be of service :) i had a blast that day, matt busted out his showtune collection to make me feel more comfortable and mike (the photog) and i discussed our mutual love for the colts. mike had the hugest lighting contraption umbrellas i've ever seen. he is a lighting genius btw. i'm not used to studio/indoor photography so i was really curious about what he was doing with all of his lighting equipment. so fascinating. i finally got the pics the other day, and i was told that i could have my way with them. muhahaha. so here are some of my faves that didn't make it on their site: 

there's matt on the right -->

all photos by mike orbito
assisted by matt yee
styling by melanie shoda
hair/makeup by me
tacos by matt yee/melanie shoda (yum!)

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