03 December 2010

Hurley x CONTRAST's 2nd annual Anti-Canvas art show

went to last year's one and had a lot of fun. it was great to be able to see works of art screenprinted(?) on boardshorts. someone very special to me had their photo selected to be on a pair last year and it came out really nice (and got sold :D)! the best part of this event is that the shorts are sold by silent auction for charity. 100% of the proceeds, yo! this is a great event to appreciate art and feel warm and fuzzy about yourself for giving back to the community. if your hubby/BF/uncle/dad/brother surfs or likes to go to the beach, how nice would it be to give them a custom-designed pair of boardshorts?? now if only they could bust out some girl sizes...

i'm really excited about a lot of this year's artists/photogs! can't wait!

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