10 April 2011

got a quarter tank of gas...

march was a very expensive month for me. i am officially broke! i'm usually pretty thrifty when it comes to large purchases for myself...but after saving and saving for a while, i ended up treating myself to some shiny new toys (amongst other things).

-last minute trip to San Francisco

-Goyard St Louis tote that i regretted not buying in NYC. wish i customized it when i was in SF!
image courtesy of aloharag.com

-Proenza Schouler PS1, pre-ordered from Aloha Rag. oh PS1, you are finally mine. have not fallen in lust with a handbag in years.

-an adorable french bulldog puppy


-paying for a new front bumper (and the other guy's bumper) after getting into a minor car accident

so...i guess a new camera is out of the picture? for now.

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