07 February 2011

woolly pockets!

image from woollypocket's website
got my woolly pockets in the mail the other day!  woolly pockets are felt planters made of 100% recycled materials. they're breathable and oh so cute. i kind of went crazy during their sale and ordered a bunch...i only ordered their "tina" (smallest size) for now but i definitely want to order some wall hanging ones and even a "lana" or three. "steve" is cute too, there's a zipper closure on that one. i realized that the "tina" is a little too short for some of my orchid pots. i'm going to have to re-pot them straight into the planters. now i have some fashionable, eco-friendly planters to put my orchids in...bought some extra for housewarming gifts too :) 

get yours at www.woollypocket.com

image from woollypocket's website

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