27 April 2010

christmas in april

the search is over! after months of hemming and hawing about buying a bass guitar, i will finally be a proud owner of a used japan-made fender standard jazz bass. the best part is, my significant other decided to save me some (a lot) of money by buying it for me as an early christmas gift. i'm crossing my fingers that the duties from importing from japan won't increase the cost of it too much. buying it used only saved us $50 but it was worth it because it has a smaller radius for the fretboard and it's vintage white (more of a cream color) instead of arctic white (pictured). fender standard jazz basses don't come in vintage white anymore so i could only get it used. i eventually want to change the pickguard to black..it's going to look sick! now i just have to buy an amp. but bass amps are so ugly...

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