22 August 2009

nara clock

I'm a huge fan of yoshitomo nara. so imagine my delight in seeing these clocks! so cute. want one really badly so i'm going to have to scrimp and save to purchase one for $350. until then, you can pre-order one on www.unicahome.com so i can be jealous of you.

nara clock designed by yoshitomo nara for cerealart

wake up each morning to a cast of quirky characters by artist yoshitomo nara.

this unique flip clock has one of 84 original drawing for every hour and minute. so, instead of a boring digital clock, choose a fun and colorful way to keep time on your bedside or desk.

dimensions : 7.5"w x 4.5"h x 3"d

nara clock as seen in t -the new york times style magazine, spring 2009.

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